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2 n 1 Hanging Door Alarm


This is a 2 n 1 Personal/Door Alarm. It acts as a burglar alarm and a personal alarm.

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Detailed Description

Hang one on the knob of a non-metallic door. Let it sit there for 15 minutes until the pressure equalizes on the chain. Then, whenever anyone touches the door knob, the alarm will immediately sound with a loud rapid beeping sound that can be hard for quite a distance. Requires a 9-volt battery, not included.

The alarm above has a second purpose. Put the chain around your wrist, and the alarm in your purse or laptop bag. When the attacker takes your purse, the chain detaches from the alarm and the alarm goes off. The alarm will not shut off until you put the pin back in. The attacker will drop that purse like a hot potato.  Requires a 9-volt battery, not included.

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