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24 inch Blow Gun with 100 Free Paintballs-Free Shipping


The 24 Inch Blowgun is perfect for paintball or you can use the darts for small game.

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SKU: BG-24

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Detailed Description

Cheaper than eBay! Buy this 24 inch blowgun online and get 100 free paintballs- Free Shipping too! This 24 inch blowgun is perfect for paintball! You can also use the darts for hunting or target practice. Packs 250 or 1000 paintballs are available, as well as quivers.

The 24 Inch Blowgun is not a toy but the real thing. With all the new improvements, you can expect ranges over 250 feet and muzzle velocities as high as 350 feet per second or more! In fact, the darts can penetrate 1/4 of plywood with no problem! 100% USA made. Each Blowgun comes with 12 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzleguard, foam grip and two dart quivers.

Can a blowgun really be used for small game hunting?

Yes - here's what customers have to say:

Yes! I had a customer show me a picture with his squirrel kill. Just need the right darts. I believe spear darts work the best.

Yes. I have killed a snake so im sure it would kill a rat. Will take a good hit or even a few hits but its 100% possible.

Most definitely!!! I have impaled (needle dart went all the way through only the cap stopped it) a mouse at 12 ft away

Can a blowgun shoot paintballs too?

Answer: Yes it can - it uses 40 caliber paintballs

Is a blowgun legal in my state?

Answer: Yes, legal in all 50 states

How do you aim?

Answer: There is a target sight at the tip/end of the blow gun. You aim by postioning that sight over the target or close to the target, looking down the end of the blow gun.

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