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Do you worry about your child falling in your pool?

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You realize your child has been quiet for too long. You look around the house and can't find her. Then you see the open patio door. OHMIGOD NO! The pool! 
Don't let this happen to you. 
Don't let your children, grandchildren or pets be a drowning statistic!
More than 1000 children between the ages of 1 and 4 die from accidental drowning per year, and is the #1 cause of accidental death. . See More Product Details Below


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Detailed Description

Have you ever had this fear?

You realize your child has been quiet for too long. You look around the house and can't find her. Then you see the open patio door. OHMIGOD NO! The pool!  Did you know that the CDC reports that ten people die every day from drowning? Of those ten, two are under the age of 14! Drowning is now the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

Do you actually know how many children die every day from drowning?

Children are at the highest risk of drowning. About 10 children die every day in a pool from accidental drowning.  This is particularly true for the children between the ages of 1 and 4. For each child who dies from drowning, five other emergency crews are dispatched for injuries caused by someone falling in a pool. That means those additional incidents are “close calls”, where emergency responders were able to revive the victim!

These statistics show that you can’t afford not to be protect your pool. Forget about the risks associated with liablity – YOUR CHILD could become one of those statistics. You should understand now that a pool alarm is an essential safeguard for every pool owner.

Need further proof? Here’s a tragic example from Nacogdoches, TX (full story here). A Nacogdoches toddler died after being found unresponsive in a pool on during a family gathering on August 7.

How can you have peace of mind?

?You want to enjoy your pool safely, but you can't sit there and monitor it 24 x 7. You don’t want to worry if a loved one, pet, or a visitor (invited or uninvited) may fall in the pool. This inground pool alarm system (also works as an above ground pool alarm system) will help give you peace of mind. If someone or something falls into the pool, the alarm system will alert you with a unmistakable sound to let you know that something fell into your unsupervised pool.

This pool alarm system also works on above ground pools

This pool alarm system, which also works on above-ground pools, has two pieces, and they are lightweight and portable. The sensor piece (shown in the picture) sits on the pool deck or edge, and has one leg that extends into the pool. Once you have finished using the pool, and the water has become calm, the system will arm itself.

The receiver has a range of 300 feet. It can be mounted permanently inside the house, or may be carried with you in the house. As long as the receiver is less than 300 feet from the sensor in the pool, you’re OK.

There is a control button that allows you to suspend the monitoring while you are using your pool. When you want to use your pool, use the control button to "suspend" monitoring. Once you're done swimming and the water is calm again, the sensor automatically re-arms. Once it re-arms and something enters the water, multiple alarms go off. A loud pulsating alarm will sound at the receiver and another alarm will sound at the sensor. Additionally, the receiver has a light that will start flashing.
Each component is powered separately. The sensor at the pool uses six D batteries, which are not included. Battery life is approximately 1 year. The remote receiver is powered by a 12-volt AC adapter, which is included.


It is the your responsibility to provide a safe and secure area, especially for your children and your neighbor's children.  This pool alarm will providiesafety and peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about someone or a pet falling into your pool, because the alarm will let you know as soon as that first splash happens. That’s what you want, so that you can respond before any harm comes to them.

It makes sense to install th\is alarm, so you know when someone is in your pool. This small investment can save you tremendous heartache. The pool alarm is an essential component of the pool owner’s safety equipment.

Is this the only type of Pool Alarm?

Several types of pool alarms are available. With a “floater” buoy alarm, it floats on the surface of the pool and sounds an alert when the water moves. Since they may create a false alarm in windy conditions, they are less than optimal. The disadvantage is that they may create a false alert in heavy winds. You may install a pool gate alarm, which will sound the alarm when someone opens the gate of the fence around the pool. However, since it will only alert you when the gate opens, you’re not covered if you pool can be accessed directly from the house, like opening the patio door. The best solution would be a system that installs on the side of the pool, has the sensor in the water, and will alert you when someone or something falls in.

What are the Pool Alarm Features?

The Pool Alarm comes with a remote receiver with flashing light. The receiver can be mounted in your house, up to 300 feet from the main unitin the pool. It comes with a 12 volt power supply. The Pool Alarm uses 6 D batteries (not included) which should last approximately one year. There is an audible low battery indicator which will sound at the poolside alarm and the remote receiver.

Can the alarm be triggered with false alarms?

Something heavier than eight pounds falling into the water iill trigger the alarm. This feature will stop most false alarms caused by rain and wind, for example. However, if you are aware of a major storm , it might be smart to decrease the alarm's sensitivity.

Is the alarm loud enough for me to hear it?

The alarm is very loud at 100dB (decibels) If you can hear a smoke detector, you can hear this.

Will it alert me if my dog (cat, etc) falls in the pool?

As long as your dog or cat is over about 8 pounds, their frantic motion will sound the alarm to let you know they're in trouble.  

How do you install this for use in an inground pool? Where are the installation instructions? 

The product manual recommends drilling two 8 mm holes 3-4 cm deep. Two stainless steel screws and plastic swell screws are included. If your deck is wood, you can use screws to mount it to the deck. If you have concrete, stone or bricks and don't want to put holes in your deck, a heavy duty double-sided outdoor mounting tape works well.



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