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Taser Pulse-the ultimate in non-lethal protection-legal for civilians


FREE SHIPPING! The Taser Pulse from ThugBusters is compact and offers discreet protection in a familiar shape. This is a great alternative for those who don't want to carry a firearm. The TASER Pulse package includes a laser sight, 2 live cartridges, 1 soft holster, lithium power magazine(battery pack), and target.

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Detailed Description

Introducing the TASER Pulse - the ultimate in non-lethal self defense. 

When you deploy the TASER, there is an ambidextrous safety (the yellow switch).  Slide the switch up with your thumb.  The first thing you will see is the battery indicator showing you the strength of the battery.  Sliding the safety up also activates the targeting laser., which you can use to aim at your attacker. Simply point the laser at the attacker. proferably the torso, and squeeze the trigger.

The prongs have a range of 15 feet, and are attached by copper wires back to the TASER.  When you fire the unit, the prongs go out up to 15 feet, and each prong will penetrate up to one inch of clothing.  When they hit, they imbed in the body, and fire the electrical charge under the skin for 30 seconds.  The muscles freeze up, and the attacker drops to the ground.

If he decides to try to get up again after the 30 seconds, squeeze the trigger again.  As long as the wires are attached, he gets another 30 seconds, and you can do that up to 50 times.  It's hard to imagine someone who is not completely submissive after two hits. 

This is perfect for teachers. With its compact size and familiar shape, this is an outstanding self-defense alternative for those who can't conceal-carry a firearm.   The TASER Pulse delivers the same disabling punch that is used by law enforcement around the world. The TASER Pulse allows you to disable an attacker from up to 15 feet away, immobilize them for 30 seconds giving you time to make a Safe Escape.

The kit comes with the TASER Pulse, two cartridges, a soft-cover holster and a practice target.  We also carry the nylon holster you see in the video, and extra cartridges.



Key Features

  • Compact size and familiar pistol shape provides a familiar discreet carry capability
  • Laser-assisted targeting and a bright LED flashlight will help you aim. 
  • Replaceable battery will fire the TASER approximately 50 times, each with a 30-second duration. 
  • Wired probes shoot out up to 15 feet, giving you a nice safety zone.  
  • The TASER also has a secondary stun gun.  
  • 15-foot safety range with back-up stun gun: Immobilize attackers at a safe distance
  • Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee: If you use the TASER Pulse in self-defense, drop it at the scene, get to safety and call the cops.  Get the police report, sent it to TASER, and  TASER will replace the device free of charge! 

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